Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao

Benefits of the Mimosa Hostilis
What is Mimosa Hostillis?

Benefits of Ceremonial Cacao

It’s no coincidence that we are left feeling amazing after drinking a cup of Ceremonial Cacao. The remarkable combination of active compounds and neurotransmitters in a cup of pure Cacao offers sustenance to the body, enlivens the mind, inspires creativity, and creates a deep bond with oneself, the spirit and the divine.

Cacao is considered a sacred plant medicine and is a safe, gentle way of healing our heart and soul connection and is instrumental in our journey
Cacao has been widely accepted as one of the most nourishing and well-rounded foods, but its true benefits can only be understood by those who have tried a cup of Ceremonial Cacao and felt its power. Here are five reasons why you should think about gifting yourself Ceremonial Cacao powerful superfood if you haven’t yet.

1. Boosting the Body’s Health

Ceremonial Cacao is made with the same ancient methods used by shamans millennia ago. A minimal amount of processing and a quick fermentation period guarantee the wholesome fat content, nutrients, and active compounds of each Cacao block. All stages of the journey, from harvesting to grounding, are done with mindful intention and earnestness to yield a product of the highest quality and strength.

We can only consider Cacao as a “superfood” when discussing it in this particular context, as it provides maximum nutrition for minimal calories. When in its purest form, Cacao provides a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Magnesium – Cacao is one of the most abundant sources of magnesium in the world. Having adequate amounts of magnesium can lead to stronger bones and teeth, a balanced metabolism of carbohydrates and glucose, and a healthy heart.. Magnesium also feeds our brain and relaxes our muscles.

Antioxidants – Cacao is packed with antioxidants that guard the body against too many free radicals and drop inflammation.

Flavanols – Cacao has a high content of flavanols, which have been found to help improve blood flow by relaxing blood vessels which leads to lower blood pressure.

Potassium – Cacao contains potassium which is known as a powerful mineral which also helps in lowering blood pressure, enhancing cardiovascular and nerve function and balancing of the body’s fluid levels.

2. Creativity, Cognition, Clarity, and Concentration

Ceremonial Cacao not only wakes you up and helps keep you stimulated it does it without you feeling jittery and without the crash.

Cacao does have a small amount of caffeine but it is the Theobromine that gives the long-lasting effect of heightened mental agility. awareness and focus. Theobromine is a cardiovascular stimulant which is almost exclusively found in Cacao and aids in boosting energy levels for extended periods.

With its high flavanol content, Cacao has been found to significantly increase blood flow to the brain as shown by research. (Studies published by The National Center for Biotechnology), hence improved cognitive performance, memory, and increased creativity. Also, Phylathelynamine contained in Cacao helps to provide heightened focus, attention, goal-directed behaviour, and an increase in task completion!

3. Elevated Emotions and Soaring Spirits

Phylathelynamine, or PEA for short, is known as a “love chemical” as it stimulates brain chemistry associated with the wonderful feelings we experience when in love. With elevated PEA levels, the brain receptors receive these molecules rather than absorbing dopamine, in turn, this leaves more dopamine in the brain. With higher dopamine levels we feel a boost in our mood and our spirit feels lifted. PEA, which is abundant in pure ceremonial Cacao has gained the nickname “chocolate amphetamine!”

Anandamide, naturally present in Cacao is known as the “bliss molecule!” Anandamide, a naturally occurring cannabinoid produced by our body is a feel-good chemical and creates a feeling of mild euphoria normally experienced when the body releases endorphins.

4. Initiation, Intuitive Development, and Inner Work

For centuries the Cacao plant has been cultivated and shared throughout the world. Every era and culture has found a relation to its unique magic and medicinal uses.

Research by archaeology has found that throughout history, Cacao has had a significant importance on cultures in South America, Mesoamerica, Maya, Aztecs, and Toltecs. Here we find that Cacao was used in medicine, rituals, ceremonies and rites of passage related to marriage, fertility, healing, creation and much more. Myths of the indigenous tell us that Cacao came from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and restore the state of harmony whenever the balance between nature and humans was threatened.

Today, ceremonial Cacao is used as a facilitator of inner work and each person has a unique experience. Cacao is known as the medicine of the heart as it creates a deep level of connection with our inner intuitive self and all those around us. As a natural substance, Cacao is an adaptogen and helps the body to adapt to stress and the spirit of Cacao brings to each person the help they need at the moment wherever they are in life.

5. Healing the Heart

Cacao, rich in minerals and antioxidants, promotes cardiovascular activity and the health of our hearts. Cacao opens the heart and clears blocked channels physically and also energetically and allows us to feel we can live with the feeling of gratitude for our lives. Theobromine which is naturally present in Cacao, stimulates the heart and with other natural compounds, helps the body to release energy blocks and aids in the release of muscular tension. The releasing of the physical body releases the energetic flow within and has the power to remove deep spiritual, psychological and emotional blocks held within.

By offering a palpable feeling of support so we can explore our inner landscape, Cacao allows us to feel that we can let go of fear and invite love to flow within our hearts, facilitating a deeper, more profound connection to nature, to others, and to the source of all that is; from one heart to another.

You can order your Ceremonial Cacao here and enjoy the benefits of this magnificent medicine. Today!

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