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Mimosa Hostillis History

Mimosa hostilis also known as Mimosa tenuiflora is a perennial tree native to the northeastern region of Brazil and found as far north as southern Mexico.

The Mimosa hostilis tree has been used for thousands of years, dating all the way back to the ancient Mayan communities. Suitably named the “Skin tree”, mimosa hostilis been used for a number of reasons related to skin health throughout history.

Although the use of mimosa hostilis bark dates back to the 10th century, it was only properly studied in the 1980’s after two horrific accidents and an earthquake in Mexico which killed at least 12500 people and left many more injured.

In 1982 an apparently dormant volcano called El Chichón in Chiapas, Mexico produced three Plinian eruptions that killed at least 1,900 people living near the volcano and left a large part of the population injured with severe burns. Due to the extent of the catastrophe, lack of health professionals and adequate medication, the people in Chiapas turned to Tepezcohuite to treat the burn victims. In 1984, only 2 years after the El Chinchon volcano eruption, another disaster struck Mexico. The explosion of a gas plant in San Juan Ixhuatepec plant killed more than 500 people and left another 5000 to 7000 people with severe burns. Due to the success of Tepezcohuite in treating the burn victims from the volcano disaster 2 years back, the Red Cross suggested that the bark of the Mimosa hostilis tree should be used on the burn victim’s wounds. The results amazed the doctors and the international press reported Tepezcohuite’s successful use in the treatment of the victims.


In 1985 after the Mexico City earthquake, Mimosa hostilis was yet again used to successfully treat burn victims from the fires that were a product of the earthquake, resulting in a significant decrease in the death rate of those affected by the fires. Due to its tremendous success as a natural remedy with powerful healing properties, mimosa hostilis was extensively studied after the Mexican disasters.


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