Frequently asked questions

Here we aim to answer all common queries

1I'm looking for a product not listed on your website, will this be in stock in future.

We started our site in june 2017 with our initial product list, and aim to add more quality ingredients and soaps in future.

Check back regularly for new exciting items or if there is something specific that you think we should have in stock please let us know via the contact form.
2How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to send out all orders within 1 working day.

However as we are running another small business catering at festivals and partys there will sometimes be a delay between friday and monday, especially in the summer months. Normally if we are away on the weekend orders made friday will be posted out on tuesday

Usual delivery times from placing your order to receiving it are:

UK - 2 working days

Europe 5-7 working days

Rest of the world 5-10 working days.
3What payment methods do you accept.

Currently we are taking payments through the site using PayPal. Very soon we will have our own card processor running and will be able to accept card payments ourselves

We can also accept payment by bank transfer or deposit. Until this is incorporated into the shopping cart if you wish to pay using this method please contact us using the contact form.
4I've never made soaps before, is it easy? can anyone do it?

Basic soap making is a fun and simple process. By following the instructions included in our kits you will be able to make great soaps straight away, and as you gain experience you will learn to improve your methods and experiment with exciting new recipes.

Some ingredients commonly used in soap making such as lye (caustic soda) can cause burns to skin and eyes so must be used with care. For this reason we do not sell our products to anyone under 18 years of age. Provided care is taken and gloves and glasses worn when using such ingredients there is no reason to be put off. There are also plenty of methods which do not require the use of lye.
5Who we are
We have grown to love soap making more and more over the last 7 years, and recently decided to create our own business. We have always been interested in trying new and exotic natural ingredients in our soaps and think this fits a nice niche which is missing in the UK. and soap supply are trading names of Organic Soap Limited registered company number: 10492654 Registered office address 278 Chester Road 278 Chester Road, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England, CH66 2NX, UNITED KINGDOM